Hidden Characters — 4 posters/newspapers based on the Guardian cover
Memorandum La Défense — for the Office of Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
in collaboration with Irma Boom
Memorandum La Défense
Dissected Matter — body of work, based on a Fibonacci series, bible paper.
Imagine typography in a 3-dimensional form. What would it look like if it were captured within a book?
Look books for Paul Smith — for Aboud Creative
Look books for Paul Smith
Polypod — corporate design for a media and design company in Vienna
Erasmus book — for the 95th anniversary of the School of Economics
at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Josef Binder Award 2010.
Culinary Heritage — cooking book for Alessandri Design.
Tokyo Type Directors Club/Excellent Works, Creativ Club Austria, Joseph Binder Award, Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs
Sigi & Michi — design for a wedding, invitation silk screen printed on a handkerchief
Sigi & Michi
Katja Greco — stationary for an art buyer & photo editor and her gallery space in Vienna
Katja Greco
Spezial — magazine for creative media, Vol. 3, including a music CD
Das Comptoir — package design and stationary for a project space and shop in Bad Vöslau
for Nofrontiere Design
Das Comptoir
Personal Vista Points — seven meter concertina book, exploring the horizon.
Red Dot Award 2007